The next racer for Disney Speedstorm has been revealed, and it’s Andy’s favorite toy, Woody! The Toy Story star will be joining Disney Speedstorm in Season 2, although no specific date has been shared at this time.

Along with that, Gameloft has shared an updated on some of Disney Speedstorm’s Limited Time events. You can see the full details in their announcement below.


These improvements will progressively appear in-game starting from June 9.

Previously, we had a Limited Event dedicated to earning Upgrade Parts for one of the 4 Racer Classes, Brawler, Speedster, Trickster & Defender, that rotated each week. This meant that players would need to wait for the rotation to complete if they wanted to earn Upgrade Parts for a specific Racer Class.

To remove this rotation and to make the rewards from Racer Class Pit Stop Limited Events accessible each time players jump in to play the game, we decided to shift things to allow players to earn these Racer Class rewards in the 3 existing “Featured Upgrade Parts” Limited Events.

Players will still have access to the same number of rewards, but now they will always be accessible.

Season Coins will not be granted for uncovering the updated “Featured Upgrade Part” Limited Event tiles but we have granted 20,000 Season Coins to all players


With the start of Season 2 on June 13, there will be a brand-new Limited Event focused on Upgrade Parts for the Monsters, Inc. Collection. With the Season Tour shifting gears, don’t worry, you’ll still have the chance to upgrade your Monsters, Inc. Racers!

That’s it for this Community Pit Stop! The Game Team would like to thank everyone who provides feedback to help us take Disney Speedstorm to the next level during Early Access. Make sure to check out the other improvements coming in Season 2 in the last edition of the Disney Speedstorm Community Pit Stop.

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