We already knew that Lords of Exile was heading to the Switch, but we’re still waiting on a release date. Thankfully, today brings us a new trailer for the game, and it says the title is ‘coming soon.’ When a date is shared we’ll bring it to you, but for now you can enjoy the fresh gameplay above.

Lords of Exile is a 8-bit side-scrolling action platformer set in the far Lands of Exilia where a cursed knight makes his way to the revenge. A combination of classic retro mechanics and linear level design in 8-bit graphics, Lords of Exile is coming to Switch soon.

In the Far East, in bloody ancient times of war, creatures of the darkness, and samurais, the lands of Exilia suffer the pains of a cruel war. The diabolical Galagar and his hordes make their way killing and destroying everything in their path, only a bloodthirsty cursed knight can restore hope and defeat the darkness.

Survive the cruelty of a dark land dominated by the fearsome creatures of the shadows.

You must make your way through hordes of enemies, traps, and dangers while facing the powerful servants of Galagar at the end of each zone, in order to reach the heart of Exilia and be able to consummate your revenge.

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