Oops again! If you saw our previous post, Persona 3 Reload was announced early by mistake by Atlus West’s Instagram page. Well, apparently that wasn’t the only game, as they also announced Persona 5 Tactica, a new spin-off game based on the popular Persona 5.

Just like with P3R, we don’t know if this game will be coming to Switch yet, but considering the track record of Persona games on Switch (like Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden being released this same year), it’s safe to expect these two new games making an appearance on the Nintendo console.

We’ll keep you updated on the matter!

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1y ago

Unless we think these games can't run on Switch (or some other reason for skipping the console), this might confirm that a Nintendo Direct is coming soon. It seems like announcements for Switch as part of multiplatform releases are often held back until Nintendo reveals them in their own videos.


1y ago

I'm going to love it cause it's Persona and I'm going to hate it cause it's a tactical RPG.