RedDeer.Games, one of the leading indie game developers and producers for Switch, has released another production enhancing its library of independent games. An engaging and relaxing simulator – Dogotchi: Virtual Pet is available on Nintendo Switch from today.

Dogotchi: Virtual Pet is the canine version of the popular pet care simulator – Catgotchi: Virtual Pet, released by RDG as the first of the Indie Spring Spree event launches. This time, players will be able to raise and take care of adorable dogs.

In this pixelated retro simulator, players will have the chance to confront all the difficulties of proper pet care. Feeding and playing with their dog every day are just some activities players will have to do to keep their pets happy. The happier the doggies are, the faster they will grow, while neglecting their needs can lead to illness.

Players will have the opportunity to unlock more than a dozen dog breeds and simultaneously raise multiple animals to prove themselves as responsible caregivers.

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