Modders adding content from one game into another is nothing new. The mod scene is full of mash-ups that make no sense, so seeing Star Fox Adventures’ Krystal pop up in Half-Life 2 may be thematically odd, but it’s par for the course in the modding community. It’s the next piece of this story that pushes things into truly surprising territory.

The Half-Life 2 Krystal mod is the brainchild of developer Gagnetar, and he’s clearly a huge fan of the Star Fox universe. You’d have to be to bring Krystal into Half-Life 2, but Gagnetar didn’t stop there. Believe it or not, he actually got Krystal’s original voice actor, Estelle Ellis, involved in the project.

Yes, Estelle Ellis has recorded lines of dialog for the mod. The lines are largely the same as what Alyx would say in the original Half-Life 2, but mentions of father/daughter connections have been removed. I mean, you wouldn’t want anything left behind that would break continuity or immersion!

If you’re looking for more of an explanation as to why this exists, you’re not going to get one. Gagnetar is simply a huge fan of Star Fox and Krystal in particular, so that’s all the motivation he needed to add her to Half-Life 2. There’s certainly something to be said for following your dreams!

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Extremely wealthy furries are scary AF

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