More iconic Capcom goodies are coming to Fall Guys. A Beanified Guile and Chun-Li are heading for the Blunderdome to style it out alongside the previous Costumes. Grab ‘em, and some other goodies, from the in-game store from 10AM GMT 10th June to 10AM GMT 24th June, 2023.

Guile’s Costume is a slick combo of camouflage chic with a tidal wave of yellow hair. Chun-Li ‘s Costume is the classic blue qipao you’ve seen in arcades for decades, topped off with another historic hair-do: buns!

If you button bashed your way to victory, show off with the ‘You Win…. Perfect’ Celebration.

The previous Capcom goodies are back, too! From Ryu’s ragged gi, Cammy’s blinding leotard, and Akuma’s wild outfit and wilder hair, it’s a second round for the popular trio. Don’t forget the iconic Hadouken Emote, which is also fly-kicking back into the store!

We’ll catch you in the ring… Well, Blunderdome.

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