QubicGames has released Dessert DIY: Complete Edition on the Switch eShop. The game is normally priced at $7, but if you buy it before July 1st, 2023, you can get the title for just $3.

Preparing delicious desserts is a piece of cake. Try it yourself! Make sweet ice cream, popsicles and waffles using your creativeness in one of the best dessert decorating games right now. Explore different molds, creams, syrups and ingredients to create sweet works of art.

  • Pick up a dessert of your choice
  • Experiment with flavour
  • Enjoy all kinds of decoration tools
  • Make a combo with ingredient, syrup, frosting etc.
  • Get creative with decorative toppings
  • Upgrade your sweet shop by selling delicious desserts to customers

Includes bonus content:

  • cockroaches, ants, worms and many other nasty surprises to put in ice cream and popsicles
  • rainbow cakes, salty pretzels, yummy jelly and other prestigious ingredients for VIPs

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