A Tiny Sticker Tale confirmed for Switch

The latest Kickstarter success

10 June 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

We shared the reveal of A Tiny Sticker Tale when the Kickstarter launched, and the team was looking for just over $6k to bring the game to Switch. We’re happy to say the title managed to reach that funding goal with ease, so a Switch release is now a lock.

A Tiny Sticker Tale is a cozy miniature adventure about changing the world, using the power of stickers! In A Tiny Sticker Tale, take anything from the world around you, turn it into a sticker, and use your creativity to stick it back in different places, solving puzzles, and helping your new friends!

In this wholesome bite-sized adventure, step into the tiny boots of Flynn, the donkey, and journey across Figori Island, discovering the vibrant quests that will require the power of a very special magical sticker album.

There’s still plenty of time to throw some cash at A Tiny Sticker Tale, which you can do through this link.

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