An ongoing apocalyptic meteor shower has forced the world’s population to settle underground. As Shell, a feline child who awakens to find her mother missing, you will drill downward into the depths to discover a hidden subterranean world and its inhabitants: tormented creatures with an uncertain past.

This narrative exploration and platform game inspired by 16-bit aesthetics will take you back to the simplicity and excitement of the classics of that era. There’s a vibrant and dynamic world to explore, and lots of peculiar characters to meet and varied puzzles to solve. Will you discover the secrets hidden in the Everdeep?

Game Features

As you descend, your decisions determine Shell’s route through the depths, from secret caverns to sprawling underground dwellings.

Encounter characters along the way with unique personalities and, sometimes, optional side quests.

Atmospheric pixel art and an evocative soundtrack, with palettes and musical themes shifting from one location to the next.

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