New Xenoblade Chronicles 3 key art released

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16 April 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 3

It’ll most likely be awhile until we get some new details on Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but it’s clear Nintendo and Monolith Soft are working behind the scenes to get things ready.

While it’s not a major update by any means, some new key art for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was spotted on Nintendo’s official hub page for the game. As far as we can tell, this art hasn’t been uploaded by Nintendo anywhere else, nor have they shared it via press kit or anything like that. Whether it was a mistake to push this live or not doesn’t really matter now!

If you’d like to grab the 100% uncompressed version of this image, you can find it here.

[GameXplain, MBgov1133]

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Comments (3)


2y ago

It's highly likely that this or a slight variant of it, will end up as the official box art cover.


2y ago

Wish I could get a super high resolution version of it like I have for the Xenoblade 2 key art. I have that one at native 5K so it looks fantastic on my monitor as a wallpaper.


2y ago

Looking at that art I feel kinda bad for Uraya. RIP