Buskers, party animals, troublemakers. They’ve been given many names, but they call themselves Baladins! These legendary heroes wander from town-to-town to fulfill their sacred quest: entertaining the masses!

It’s a difficult task, but one the Baladins take in stride. From helping those in need to throwing parties, they bring surprises with them wherever their travels take them. All that matters to them is bringing joy to the people who inhabit the bright and lively world of Gatherac.

Inspired by tabletop roleplaying campaigns, Baladins is a choose-your-own-story game for players of all ages and experience levels. Embark on your quest as one of the Baladins: the imaginative Cook, the crafty Luxomancer, the strapping Dancer, or the expressive Pyro. United by their passion for happiness, each Baladin brings their own unique skills to the table and can hone their talents further throughout the adventure by making choices and collecting items. Roll the dice and see where your adventures take you. Your decisions are not inherently good or bad–just creative approaches that can lead to interesting outcomes!

And if you’d rather not play alone, Baladins supports up to four players–either locally or online! Each turn-based session is roughly one hour long, meaning you can explore Gatherac and all its many secrets at your own pace. The story of any given session can change wildly depending on the choices you make each turn, so each playthrough brings its own new surprises!


Choose your own adventure! Bring joy to the people of Gatherac with 1-4 players and let your collective choices shape the fate of this unusual world.

Be a hero! Play as one of four unique classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and watch your champ grow as the story unfolds!

Play at your own pace! Each session of Baladins contains a complete narrative arc that can be played in about an hour.

Change the world! Subsequent playthroughs unlock new storylines, places, and characters for you to experience.

Encounter a dragon! It wouldn’t be a fantasy roleplaying game without one!

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