Laika: Aged Through Blood is a western-inspired motorvania set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It is the story about a tribe oppressed by occupant forces, and the personal story of a mother coyote warrior who descends on an endless path of vengeance to take back what her people lost.

Drive, jump and fight your way through the huge hand-drawn world on your trustworthy motorbike. Race through the wasteland and perform dangerous jumps, shoot enemies in slowmo and reload your gun by performing a backflip! Use skill-based power-ups and persist challenging battles against big bosses!


  • Vehicular combat on a fast and agile motorbike.
  • A beautiful, hand-painted and post-apocalyptic world.
  • A deep story about a mother-daughter relationship, vengeance and loss.
  • A varied world, epic boss battles and loads of missions.
  • The very first MOTORVANIA!

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