Enter the beautiful world of Riverside and use the magic SWAP. With the SWAP you can Copy and Paste textures and radically change the game world! Experience a wonderful adventure full of magic surprises and twists!

You are Ruffy, the Chosen One. And you have the SWAP! With the SWAP, you can change the entire game world - the way you imagine it and the way it should be! Use the SWAP to turn ice into lava or to transform a waterfall into a climbing vine. With the SWAP you can overcome any obstacle and solve any puzzle:

You need a boat? Swap a stone to wood and it floats like a raft. A stone wall blocking your way? Swap it to wood and turn it into rubble - the way is clear! You want to sneak into the farm in the dark? Swap the sun to the moon and night falls! The flying fish won’t leave you alone? Swap them to stone and make them crash. The SWAP just feels magical! There’s really nothing cooler than SWAPPING your wishes into the world!

Hey, and best of all, the SWAP is super easy! You’ve probably used it many times already - it works just as easy as Copy&Paste. Grab a texture and throw it onto an object and watch the magic: The texture will change the object.

Copy&Paste in the real world! Isn’t that amazing? Like we said, the SWAP is magic, but use it wisely, young Chosen One!

Ruffy and the Riverside is an open world action adventure game. So when the SWAP goes nowhere, Ruffy really gets going! He can do everything a hero can do: Climb, fight, jump, run, skate! Skate? Yes, of course! Ruffy doesn’t need a mount, just grab a bale of straw and skate away! Pull off ridiculous tricks or smoothly grind over secret rails into unknown areas. Bale riding is fun and if you don’t like riding on straw, just SWAP wood, stone or iron onto your bale. Find your own style!

Save Riverside from the lunatic villain Groll! Groll wants to destroy the sacred World Core and plunge Riverside into chaos. Stand up to Groll and his henchmen and travel with Ruffy to fantastic places. Your brave friends are always by your side. There’s Pip, the sassy bee who can carry you through the air. There’s Sir Eddler, the adventurous mole who goes through thick and thin with you, Silja the wise turtle, Minna the brave owl, your crazy basketball buddy Snokko and many more. Everywhere you’ll meet amazing characters with great dialogues and their very own stories. Just have a chat with them.The turbulent storyline holds many surprises for Ruffy and for you!

There is a lot to explore in Riverside! New adventures await you around every corner. Meet the little people, the Etoi, and heal the forests of Riverside with them, team up with the fish gang and defeat the bully sharks. Meet the Water Watchdogs, face the Nightrunner, win contests, solve the mysteries of the stone beets or just visit Sir Eddler’s gem store. If you want to get creative, talk to Pix. With his help, you can design your very own textures for the game. Yes, that’s right: If you want, you can paint your own textures and put them into the game world! Paint your own sea, rivers, walls, floors, trees and much more.

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