Plenty of film distributors have used Fortnite to spread the word on their projects. There have been movie-related skins, accessories, and even in-game events, and all of those were put together through a collab with Epic themselves. That’s what makes today’s news so interesting.

Focus Features is looking to spread the word on The Northman, their historical action drama hitting theaters on April 22nd, 2022. Instead of working with Epic to create a special collab, the team at Focus has made their own custom map and experience through Fortnite’s Creative Mode.

This game, titled Vengeance, is apparently an RPG that includes over 20 hours of content. It certainly sounds like the most ambitious film tie-in yet, even if it has nothing to do with Epic themselves. If you want to give Vengeance at try yourself, just hop into Creative Mode and use the code 6089-1011-3272.

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