Today Gameloft, a leader in the development and publishing of games, announced that the Season 2 content update for Disney Speedstorm is now available in Early Access on Nintendo Switch. The latest season in this cross-platform combat racing experience goes “To Infinity and Beyond” with new reimagined Disney and Pixar Racers, a new racing environment inspired by Andy’s Room from Pixar’s Toy Story, new Game Modes, new Crew Members, improvements based on player feedback, and more.

New Racers added in Disney Speedstorm’s Season 2 update are led by Pixar greats from Toy Story along with two bonus Disney icons:

  • Woody
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Jessie
  • Bo Beep
  • Steamboat Mickey
  • Steamboat Pete

These new Racers also bring new Crew Members to help boost their racing stats. Some notable crew members from Disney’s Mickey & Friends include Caroline Cow and Chief O’Hara, while the Toy Story crew now also features the likes of Bullseye, Slinky Dog, Rex, and more.

Andy’s Room from Toy Story is Season 2’s new racing environment, with 9 circuits for Racers to speed through. Some tracks will have players grasping their steering wheels as they defy gravity in “Loop the Loop”, reaching for the sky in “3… 2… 1… Launch!” and possibly grabbing a slice of pepperoni in “Pizza Planet Voyage.”

In addition to new Racers and a new racing environment, new game modes “Color Match” and “Follow the Leader” offer players exciting new ways to compete. In Color Match, speeding through skill boxes of the same color as one’s Racer gives players an edge with a sudden boost. But beware of opposite-colored boxes as they’ll stun Racers for a short time. In the Follow the Leader game mode, Racers leave a long visible trail behind them that other players can follow to earn a boost. If players would rather not help their opponents take the lead, all they need to do is grab a cloak skill and their trail will disappear for some time.

Disney Speedstorm Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate Founder’s Pack Editions are available for purchase, starting at $29.99/€29.99. Each pack includes access to the base game, immediate tiered Racer unlocks, an additional Racer of their choosing unlocked, in-game currency, exclusive in-game cosmetic items, exclusive Player Profile Avatar and a Motto for customization, and Golden Pass Credits that can be used by players to unlock the premium tier of the Golden Pass.

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