Beholder 3 seeing physical Switch release

For those who be holding out

13 June 2023
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International publisher Funbox Media Ltd invites you to a near-future dystopian world of adventure and intrigue in Beholder 3, coming this summer as a boxed retail edition for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. Working with developer Paintbucket Games and digital publisher Toplitz Productions, Funbox Media will be publishing and distributing the boxed retail editions across EU, ANZ, SA and ME territories.

When a high-ranking security officer saves you from prison, you end up a pawn in her schemes. Now you must eliminate anyone standing in the way of her secret plans and try to get your life back while working two jobs. No tenant, employee or superior is safe from your spying.


Welcome to The Greatest Union! A totalitarian state that controls everything and everyone through oppressive laws, total surveillance, and intimidation.

You are Frank Schwarz, a husband, and father who lost his cushy office job at the Ministry after someone set him up. The only way to avoid jail time was to make a deal with a high-ranking security officer.

Now a government spy working undercover as a landlord, you must break into tenants’ apartments, search them for contraband and eliminate anyone your boss wants out of the picture.

At the same time, you’ll have to spy and scheme against co-workers and superiors in the Ministry to work your way back up the ladder. Different factions are secretly vying for power over the Ministry and the country – play them against each other to your advantage.

Can you get your old life back, or even something better?

Will you fight for change and truth or uphold the status quo?

Who are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want?


  • Work two jobs: in an apartment block and in the Ministry.
  • Different political factions are fighting for power. Pick your side wisely.
  • Complete quests from the Ministry: promote the ideology of the totalitarian state, manipulate flags, and spread whatever propaganda you’re told to.
  • Install surveillance cameras and search apartments and offices.
  • Maintain your cover by doing everyday chores like paying bills, fixing up apartments, and keeping your tenants happy.

Beholder 3 will launch this summer for Nintendo Switch as a physical boxed retail edition across EU, ANZ, SA and ME territories.

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