The new Dead by Daylight Chapter, END TRANSMISSION, introduces sci-fi horror to the acclaimed action horror game. With a new Map exploring a mysterious and terrifying planet housing the remnants of an ancient civilization, END TRANSMISSION takes players into a unique biome with menacing flora and atmosphere unlike anything on Earth. The newest Killer to step into The Fog, The Singularity, is a monstrous amalgamation of restructured organic matter and machine parts seeking to assimilate all organic life and become the perfect life form. The latest Chapter also presents new Survivor Gabriel Soma, a talented technician with keen senses and determination that helped him survive The Singularity and avoid a terrible fate.

Strange New World

Players are invited to discover a brand-new, otherworldly planet. The new Map, Toba Landing, is composed of three notable areas. The first features buildings left from a greedy corporation named Huxlee whose goal was to explore and exploit new worlds. The second, an ominous jungle and the third, some remnants of an ancient civilization. Navigating this unknown world will prove as much of a challenge as evading the Killer.

Players must beware, as anything on Toba Landing seems like it will try to hurt you or kill you. The Entity’s grasp is infinite.

Spread & Slipstream

The Singularity is an enlightened AI corrupted by alien technology that can spy on Survivors anywhere on the map. It’s an efficient killing machine of high intellect, able to spread its presence through restructured organic matter with the help of its BioPods.

Placeable on vertical surfaces, The Singularity can transfer its consciousness to the BioPods to spy on Survivors and attempt to Slipstream them to reform itself at their location. The Slipstream effect causes The Singularity to be able to materialize behind a Survivor, and immediately begin chase. A fully Slipstreamed Survivor will spread the effect to other nearby Survivors. Players will need to rethink their strategies, as The Singularity’s Power turns cooperation on its head.

Hope is the best defense.

Gabriel Soma is a skilled technician, responsible for taking care of the ships’ lifepods and the people within, as well as the Huxlee hub on Toba Landing. He’s the lone Survivor of a doomed mission, and the only thing left standing before the delusions of The Singularity.

In addition to his advanced dexterity and problem-solving ability, Gabriel can also use a tool called the EMP, which will be randomly located around a Map when facing The Singularity. The EMP can be used to temporarily disable the Killer’s BioPods or remove the Slipstream effect from other Survivors.

Extraterrestrial Style

END TRANSMISSION brings two extraterrestrial Outfits for The Singularity and Gabriel Soma. The Singularity’s Huxlee Hybrid Cosmetic showcases more robotic matter assimilated into its body, while Gabriel Soma’s E.V.A. Suit Cosmetic decks him in protective gear fit for a Toba Landing rescue mission. Players will be able to enjoy more exciting Collections following END TRANSMISSION’s launch, ranging from new Waterfront Massacre Cosmetics, Twisted Masquerade Cosmetics and a daring futuristic collection.

END TRANSMISSION is available today on Switch.


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