Did you know that June 12th was Grimace’s birthday? The McDonald’s mascot hasn’t been too active in recent years, but it appears McDonald’s wants to bring the big purple guy back into the spotlight, which is why they’ve celebrated his birthday in a special way this year.

We’re not sure how McDonald’s came up with the idea, but the end result is Grimace’s Birthday, a brand-new Game Boy/Game Boy Color game. Best of all, you can play this game for free on the Grimace’s Birthday website, or you can download the ROM for play on emulators or actual hardware!

Grimace must reach the end of the stage by reaching the goal point of each stage before time runs out. The first two levels see Grimace skating, while he goes barefoot on the last two stages. Across the four levels in the game, there are 40 Grimace milkshakes to collect. They can be found spread across the entirety of all four levels.

The Darkside Grind and 50-50 Grinds are automatically performed when grinding on rails if playing on the Normal difficulty. If playing on the Hard difficulty, Grimace must manually grind using the UP and DOWN buttons or else he will fall off the rails. Game points are doubled if played on Hard.

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