RedDeer.Games, one of the largest publishers and developers of Nintendo Switch games, officially announced collaboration on the release of Garden Buddies – relaxing self-care simulator game on Nintendo Switch.

Garden Buddies is a cozy horticulture self-care simulation, filled with mindfullnes features. Players will be invited to experience a special adventure in which they take on the role of a gardener in a magical, charming world full of extraordinary creatures.

Establishing friendships with both plant and animal creatures, mini-games, a huge range of customization options and designing a one-of-a-kind garden sanctuary - all this and more await players in this soothing indie production.

Garden Buddies is primarily designed to lift the spirits, minimize the stress of everyday life and provide relaxation for the players through specialized in-game meditation techniques.

It has been scientifically proven that spending time with nature and gardening has a beneficial effect on mental health. This, in addition to providing engaging, charming and accessible gameplay for everyone, is what Garden Buddies offers.

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