The dev team behind Shera’s Music Party and Linda’s Music Party for Game Boy Color has announced that the game will feature Game Link Cable support, allowing two players to connect their respective devices and interact with each other.

Shera’s Music Party and Linda’s Music Party are two rhythm music video games in which players control a piano with which they have to hit the keys when the notes reach the corresponding key zone.

Players are accompanied by a kitty of their choice who will cheer up if they have a good rhythm or lose concentration if they fail. Each game version has 7 scenarios with 3 different difficulty levels and each scenario has a unique event that players must master to clear the level.

In each version of the game, you can unlock up to a total of 8 kittens. However, due to the “Invite to the Party” trade feature, you can send one of your kittens to the other player, and they can send one of their kittens to you.

When you receive a kitten from the other version of the game, you will also unlock it in your game. This means that you can have a total of up to 16 kittens!

In order to support the physical release of Shera’s Music Party and Linda’s Music Party along with their box and instruction booklet, the team will be launching a funding campaign on Kickstarter in the next few weeks.

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