Animation house Bobbypills and animated streaming service ADN have teamed up with Evil Empire and Motion Twin to release an animated series for Dead Cells coming in 2024.

The new show brings fans to a cursed island that has been racked by a strange plague. After the island’s foolish king develops a remedy that ends up turning the population into monstrous creatures, prophecies depicting a flame-headed hero begin to appear. As it so happens this beheaded hero is real, but saving a kingdom isn’t on his schedule and he just wants to be left alone.

Watch today’s announcement trailer for the upcoming animated Dead Cells series (name to be revealed).

This upcoming animated series will be produced by the twisted, talented team at Bobbypills, a Paris-based animation studio known for its expertise in creative, strange originals including Vermin, Peepoodo and the recently announced Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon animated spinoff, Captain Laserhawk. The studio will bring its well-known style, humor and knack for action animation to the Dead Cells animated series to create the dream series for any Dead Cells fan who has wanted to see more of the Beheaded in gorgeous 2D.

Fans will be able to watch the upcoming animated adaptation of Dead Cells on ADN - which will also co-produce the show. The 10, seven-minute long episodes of the Dead Cells animated series will initially be exclusive in France before being made available worldwide.

Since its founding in 2013, ADN has established itself as one of France’s premiere anime streaming services, eventually asserting itself as a significant player in animation production as well. Working with numerous French studios, the company has co-produced multiple shows, including Dreamland, Lance Dur and Le Collège Noir.

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