Sonic Superstars is looking absolutely fantastic, and fans have been singing the game’s praises since its reveal last week. Now, with a few days of analysis out there, it appears there’s an even bigger reason for 2D Sonic fans to be excited about this one.

There are a number of elements crucial to making a 2D Sonic experience enjoyable, and physics is definitely near the top of the list. If you’ve been watching gameplay for Sonic Superstars and thinking everything looks spot-on, that may be related to SEGA and Arzest’s source of inspiration.

Christian Whitehead worked on Sonic Mania, but he and his team aren’t involved with Sonic Superstars. That said, Whitehead took to Twitter to mention that he “will have more to say on this when it’s appropriate, but the Mania physics were indeed fully translated to modern 3D.” That statement certainly makes it seem like Sonic Superstars directly lifted the physics from Mania, which is about as good as fans could hope for.

When Whitehead shares more details on his statement and insight into Superstars, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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