Ultimate Chicken Horse has been updated to Ver. 1.10.06. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Server refactor

After the Shellebration Update, we had more players online than ever before. (Wow, thank you!) However, our servers were not prepared for the sheer number of people enjoying the game. This resulted in players experiencing many server desync issues like endless loading screens, getting stuck in the party box, placed blocks not showing up, and lobbies randomly shutting down.

We’ve just completed a server refactor to address these desync issues and prevent them from happening in the future. It also gives us the ability to add more servers to high traffic regions whenever we have a big influx of new players. :)

We also addressed a country-wide connection issue for players in Korea. As of today, everyone in Korea should be able to connect and play online again! Thank you for your patience and bug reports – there were many Korean players who helped us solve the problem by sending us their player logs.

Downvotes removed from custom levels

We removed downvotes from the voting system for custom/community-made levels! Downvotes were not being used in a way that was useful or kind to our community, which warranted their removal. If you don’t enjoy a level, you now have the choice to upvote it or ignore it. (Note that you can still report levels that break our community rules!)

Quality of life changes

We received feedback that the game’s initial volume was too loud, so we reduced it by 20%. (Now the Horse noise is less of a jumpscare!)


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