Vigor has been updated to Ver. 15.1. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Fixed: Exit Tells don’t always trigger in Myren
  • Fixed: Mementos which were difficult to pick up
  • Fixed: General geometry polishes to prevent getting stuck in different areas
  • Fixed: Using the Loadout Preset menu causes the menu to get stuck
  • Fixed: The Weapon category in the Equip tab is closing itself after a weapon is selected and/or crafted
  • Fixed: The Weapon category in the Equip tab scroll bar resets to the top after deconstructing
  • Fixed: Reward screen animation after an Encounter showing a different Airdrop Crate rarity
  • Fixed: Jammer Challenges (Disruptor, Line administrator, Cyber-dazzler) progression being limited to pinging each Outlander only once per Encounter
  • Fixed: Overachieving the Jammer Challenge is possible
  • Fixed: Unable to break locked Loadouts in Elimination if you have exactly 5 Crowns for one ticket
  • Fixed: Weapon information overlapping in the Loadout section
  • Fixed: Being able to break the Memento preview scene in the Shelter
  • Fixed: Localization typos and missing strings
  • Fixed: Trigger sound for mines playing even after the mine is destroyed
  • Fixed: Pinging a mine shows the contact bomb icon
  • Fixed: Getting kicked to splash art due to rapidly rerolling Challenges
  • Fixed: Onboarding rewards not appearing immediately in the Stash
  • Added: Revamped Premium Packs
  • Added: L96 to the general loot and loot boxes
  • Changed: Buried Cache resources
  • Changed: More weapon crates are now being spawned across each map
  • Change: Decoy now imitates two randomly chosen weapons from the lobby instead of one
  • Tweaked: L96 Shooting Range Challenge description to reflect reality
  • Tweaked: Crown Packs preview polished

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