A massive new update is coming to Sifu today, and best of all, everything being released will cost you absolutely nothing.

This free update includes the Arenas Expansion, which will push the most experienced Kung-Fu masters to their limits in 45 merciless challenges spread over nine dynamic locations, completely separate from the main story mode. Adding over 10 extra hours of gameplay to the already demanding title, even the most accomplished of martial artists will be put to the test as they face a whole new type of challenge across five new modes.

This patch also includes Title Update 3, which is focused on giving players more ways to play by adding a slew of new features including gameplay modifiers, cheats, and outfits.

Four new cheats and three new modifiers allow for new playstyles, including Free Throw, which allows you to unconditionally throw your foes, or age-decreasing perks with the Vampire modifier. Additionally, the team has added some long-awaited quality of life changes such as the option to carry your unlocked skills over from a previous save to a new one, as well as the ability to set your own camera distance during takedowns and bring the dynamic takedown camera close-ups back!

And no update would be complete without the addition of new outfits: now you can roundhouse kick your way while looking fly with three unlockable outfits including a slick-looking Wing Chun outfit, available in dark and light versions. The tough-as-nails “Stunt Double” outfit is available only to Deluxe Edition owners.

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