Developer Critical Rabbit and Publisher Assemble Entertainment have announced that after some delays, Fall of Porcupine is arriving on Switch today.

You’ve just drawn a bubble bath. The candles are lit and the lights are dim. Your robe is perfectly warm from the dryer and you’ve never been more ready for its warm embrace. But then your phone dings. It’s the charge nurse and you’re being summoned back to the ER due to the short-staffed night crew…such is the life of a young doctor.

In Fall of Porcupine, you’ll don the still-fresh and pleated scrubs of Dr. Finley, the newest resident of the cozy, small town of Porcupine. While the future of his career has never seemed more promising, the town of Porcupine’s residents may prove to be the most challenging obstacle yet. Between friendships gone amiss, difficult bosses and abusive coworkers, and an overreaching, demanding healthcare system gone haywire, Finley will find that celebrating life’s small wins and embracing one’s few true friends proves more rewarding than trying to please even the grumpiest of bosses.

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