Get ready for a fantastically frantic side-scrolling run ‘n’ gun in Robolt! Presented in blazing fast pixel art style, Robolt casts you as a little robot that can rapidly fire laser bolts as they sprint along. Featuring 16 levels across 4 different worlds, stages are packed with enemies that can be quickly dismantled by your projectiles or by hopping on their heads, but beware of the big bosses at the end of each world!

Levels are uniquely themed for the world they’re set in. Watch out for spike-filled pitfalls and other environmental hazards as you run. Wall jump to reach higher platforms! Collect computer chips to spend like currency on upgrades and increase your robot’s maximum health, improve jumping and double-jump capabilities, or unlock weapons and raise damage output. Then use the level select screen to replay cleared zones and improve your scores!


  • Run, jump and shoot in side-scrolling pixel art style!
  • Master 16 levels across 4 unique worlds.
  • Take down massive bosses and hordes of smaller baddies!
  • Collect computer chips to upgrade your robot.
  • Track the distance your bot’s quick little legs have carried him.
  • Replay cleared zones to improve your skills and score!

Robolt comes to Switch on June 20th, 2023 and will be priced at $5.

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