ProtoCorgi launches on the Switch today

Check this one out, dog

15 June 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Bullet, the star pupper of ProtoCorgi, has held the corg-key to our hearts for a long time, but he’s finally ready to leave the kennel - ProtoCorgi is out now for Nintendo Switch.

To celebrate the occasion, we’ve given our im-paw-sibly cute hero Bullet all the treats he could ask for, boosting him up for the journey ahead. Sadly, however, Bullet mixed up dog years with human years and is turning up fashionably late, so here’s a quick reminder of what ProtoCorgi is about:

ProtoCorgi is a retro style, pixel art, horizontal shoot ‘em up with arcade gameplay that gives the player control over Bullet, a C3 class (Cute-Cybernetic-Corgi) cybernetic pup.

When Bullet discovers that his owner Nixie was kidnapped by evil forces seeking galactic domination, the cute, yet deadly Corgi goes on a quest to save her. The adventure ahead fills your screen with fully animated beautiful retro pixel art and lets you experience Bullet’s quest with precise controls, explosive shooter action, and a loving story about a faithful cybernetic dog and his owner.

If you want to build your own obstacle courses for Bullet, give ProtoCorgi’s level editor a try. It offers different backgrounds that you’ll explore while playing the story and gives you access to all kinds of obstacles and enemies to make Bullet’s life a little bit more challenging while navigating your creation. Obviously, the level editor also lets you place all sorts of enemies in the cybernetic pup’s path to bark up. After perfecting your brand-new, unique level, be sure to share it with other players online.

Shoot, dodge, and bark your way through in this adorable paw-some adventure.

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