Publisher tinyBuild and developers Holygryph are inviting players back to Raven Brooks for a sneaky Summer getaway. The nights may be shorter, but they’re no less menacing as Mr Peterson has some new tricks up his sleeve, courtesy of the Summer Camp update; a major systems overhaul to Secret Neighbor, inspired by player feedback and designed to revitalize every map and mode in the game.

Experience-based progression and character-defining perks will completely change the way you play, and every match will be different thanks to new randomly placed hazards in every map. There’s balance changes and more inventory space for everyone too! Whether you’re new to the game or a Rescue Squad veteran, you’ll find something to like.

With those meddling kids breaking into his properties every single night, Mr Peterson has invested in some improvised security. Now every match will be different, with familiar routes randomly blocked off, and sneaky traps placed where you least expect it. Players will have to work as a team if they don’t want to get snatched up after stumbling into a snare. Stick together, and don’t forget that any one of you could be the Neighbor in disguise…

The real meat of the Summer Camp update is a whole new progression system. As you play matches (with more rewards for playing longer rounds with a full squad of players), you’ll earn experience for whatever kid or Neighbor incarnation you were playing as. As well as unlocking a bundle of new cosmetic goodies and summer camp arm-patches to show off, players can pick from an assortment of Talents; game-altering perks that can change the way you play as either a Rescue Squad kid or the Neighbor.

It’s not just perks and fancy sew-on patches. The Bagger, Brave and Leader have all received some tweaks to make them more teamwork-oriented. Maybe they’ve got bigger backpacks too, as the kids now have a dedicated inventory slot for the flashlight, giving them more tactical flexibility in every match. What will you fill the extra slot with? Another gadget, an emergency snack, or just something heavy to throw at the Neighbor if he shows his face? The Summer Camp update is coming to Switch soon.

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