Minecraft x The Incredibles DLC now available

If only there were an adjective to describe this DLC...

15 June 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Get ready to discover an action-filled dimension of Supers and Villains because The Incredibles DLC by Oreville Studios and Walt Disney Games is now available on Minecraft Marketplace! The world is once again - you guessed it - in danger and it’s your job to save the day. Suit up as your favorite Super and take on evil forces with your new abilities. The reward? As if being the hero wasn’t enough, you also get a free Character Creator Item: the Incredibles Supersuit. Sounds pretty incredible, if you ask me!

The town of Municiberg might look sleepy, but as any good undercover Super knows, there are plenty of Villains creeping in the dark, plotting to destroy humanity. The Omnidroid, Screenslaver, Underminer, and their evil companions, to be exact!

Join Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack, Mrs. Incredible, Mr. Incredible, and Frozone as you smash, sprint, and stretch your way into completing your top-secret mission of saving the world. From exploring the deceivingly calm Parr family home to rescuing hypnotized civilians in the train station and dodging laser attacks by evil robots, this will be one blocky adventure that puts both your brains and combat skills to the test!

And let’s make one thing very clear, it’s not illegal to show off a bit when fighting baddies. You’re in indestructible suits, after all!


I know what you’re thinking, but I’m with Edna on this one: NO CAPES! Instead, this DLC comes with nine skins based on the iconic characters from the movies (Edna herself included!), so you can suit up as a Super and save the Overworld next! Or, if you’ve crossed over to the dark side, continue as Villain and start recruiting some creepers…

Dash over to Minecraft Marketplace now to download the Incredibles DLC, suit up in your free Incredibles Supersuit Character Creator item, and let’s save this blocky world, shall we?

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