Decades ago, seeing any sort of celebrity tied to a videogame was a rarity. Gaming wasn’t the huge industry it is today, but now videogames are arguably bigger than film in some ways. Now big-name actors popping up in games is par for the course, and Fortnite in particular has seen a ton of these collaborations.

Among many other A-list actors who’ve lent their voice talents and likeness to Fortnite is Tom Holland, who many know as Spider-Man in the MCU. Holland always comes off as a genuinely nice, fun guy when the camera is on, and that goes for both films and interviews. Now we know that behind the scenes he can be just as wonderful.

Eric Stirpē, a game writer, took to Twitter to comment on his work with Holland. Stirpē was handling some of the voice work Holland and Spider-Man co-star Zendaya were doing for a Fortnite collab, and it turns out Holland was both professional and playful during the session.

We had Tom and Zendaya do some VO for a Fortnite x Spider-Man promo. Zendaya did hers, and then he was the next day. He wanted to know if he did his faster than her (he had) and then gleefully texted her to gloat right as the session ended. It was adorable.

Anyway I liked him a lot and was super impressed by his balance of professionalism and willingness to have fun in the booth. Good guy. This profile was a nice read.

[Eric Stirpē, game writer]

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