Disney Illusion Island is a 4-player metroidvania that puts you in the roles of Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. Unfortunately, while Mickey gets his longtime partner, Donald can only pal around with Goofy. Wondering why Daisy didn’t make the cut? Well, now we have an answer on that.

In an interview with Kotaku, Disney Illusion Island creative director and Diala Studios CEO AJ Grand-Scrutton was asked why there’s no love for Daisy in the game. There are certainly plenty of fans who’d love to play as Daisy in the game, so why keep her out? According to Grand-Scrutton, the team absolutely loves Daisy, but they couldn’t mess with the playable roster numbers.

…that is the question my team still, three years later, asks me all the time. “Where’s Daisy?” Like, yeah, I love Daisy. I want to be very clear now, on the record, I’m not anti-Daisy. I could only pick four characters and I couldn’t split up the three and I’m sorry, Daisy, but you’re no Minnie. Okay? I’m just gonna put it out there. But I love Daisy. And you know, who knows? Maybe one day in the future we [will] get to see Daisy in Monoth. But for now, these are the characters you’re gonna live with.

[Disney Illusion Island creative director and Diala Studios CEO AJ Grand-Scrutton]

I would love to see Daisy in Disney Illusion Island as well, but I do get the sentiment. While Daisy is in no way a fifth wheel, if the roster was limited to four playable characters, it makes for a really tough choice.

Is there anyone in this game’s fearsome foursome that you’d swap out for Daisy?


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