Diehard NES fans have been keeping the system alive for decades now with custom mods, paint jobs, and of course, new releases. The amount of software still heading to the NES is incredibly impressive, and the latest example of that is an unofficial port that seems perfect for the platform.

A dedicated Phoenix Wright fan has decided to tackle the job of bringing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney to the NES, and you can see how the project is coming along above. While the graphics of the original Phoenix Wright are above what the NES can do, you can see how visually close the NES demake is coming to the source material. Gameplay-wise, Phoenix Wright is nothing the NES can’t handle!

Capcom hasn’t stepped in to squash this project yet, and hopefully they let it continue on. If you’d like to learn more about this project, you can find the official Github page for the port here.

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11M ago

Projects like these always fascinate me. I hope to see what they come up with.