DC Universe Online has gotten another server hotfix. You can see the patch notes for this hotfix below.

Chemo Boss

  • Slight reduction in damage from Chem-Mutation (Chemling form)
  • Added a few seconds of immunity to Chemo’s Radioactive Blast after dropping Chem-Mutation (Chemling form)
  • Added “if not a Chemling” to the warning to block Chemo’s Radioactive Blast

Kryptonian General’s Time Capsule

  • The Kryptonian General’s Time Capsule contains exciting new styles and items inspired by General Zod
  • New gear suit inspired by General Zod
  • Collection Items: Bulletproof Emote, Super Rebellious Hair, and the Secret Identity Shirt
  • General Zod and Superman Inspired Emblems
  • Open 15 to earn the General Zod Doll Accessory
  • Open 25 to form an alliance with General Zod!
  • You can find locked Time Capsules by defeating enemies. Open Time Capsules with Stabilizers earned in-game or available on the Marketplace. Unlocked Kryptonian General Time Capsules are available on the Marketplace.

Superman Anniversary Emblem – Available for a Limited Time

  • Available for purchase on the Tempus Fuginaut Vendor for 150 Source Marks

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