Coca-Cola releasing Super Nintendo World slim bottles in Japan

The drink of plumbers and princesses everywhere

17 April 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

If you’re heading to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan next week, you can look forward to snagging a very special drink while you’re there.

Coca-Cola has teamed with Universal Studios to celebrate the first anniversary of Super Nintendo World by making special slim Coca-Cola bottles with a Super Nintendo World design on them. You’ll certainly be able to pick these up in the park itself, but they’ll also be sold through other retailers in Japan.

There are actually two different bottles to collect, with one featuring Mario jumping through a level, and the other spotlighting Princess Peach’s castle.

Along with the special edition bottle, Coca-Cola will be running a contest from April 25th to June 5th, 2022. Those who buy these bottles or Coca-Cola products in general will have a chance to win a series of prizes, including tickets to Super Nintendo World.

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