Limited Run Games has been bringing a lot of classic games over to the Switch, giving them a new lease on life via modern platforms. We’re talking about decades-old games that are up-and-running on today’s platforms, Switch included. While it might seem like an easy thing to do, it actually requires a lot of work to do things properly.

Limited Run Games has been utilizing their custom Carbon Engine to get the job done. This engine allows Limited Run to revive these classic games on platforms like Switch, and they do so with stunning accuracy.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Limited Run’s Joe Modzeleski and Dimitris Giannakis talked about the balancing act of bringing these classic titles to Switch, while still retaining the look and feel of the original release.

The average person will look at these releases and they won’t notice a difference. However, there’s always going to be a difference as emulation isn’t perfect, it can’t be. There’s a range of what “good enough” is, and there’s “good enough” that I don’t think is truly “good enough” and there’s “good enough” that I can settle for that’s basically 99% almost perfect.

[Joe Modzeleski]

We want to be very careful we don’t mess too much with the original source material of the game. We want it to be the same game, other than removing any licensing information that we potentially need to, we want to offer that same experience! So when you play Shantae on your Switch and then you play the Limited Run cartridge on your Game Boy it should feel and look the same.

[Dimitris Giannakis]

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