Ghost Trick originally released for the Nintendo DS 13 years ago, and it very much made use of the platforms dual-screen setup. That makes any discussion of ports a very tough subject, as bringing a game built for two screens to platforms that only support one is no easy task. Thankfully, Capcom was up to the challenge.

In a Destructoid interview with Shu Takumi, we get to hear about the trials and tribulations the team went through in bringing Ghost Trick from the Nintendo DS’ two screens to Switch (and everything else!), and not surprisingly, there were some considerable hurdles to overcome.

The biggest challenge was adjusting the user interface (UI) of the game. In this game, “where” and ”how” information is displayed has a large impact on the gameplay. Within that, a particularly difficult element was displaying information relating to the “trick” action. It’s very important to understand whether you can trick an item after possessing it, and what you can do. We approached the design with the player’s point of view in mind to create the UI that you see in the game.

[Shu Takumi]

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