The Switch has been around for 6 years now, giving developers plenty of time to find their way on the platform. There may have been some growing pains early on, just as there are with any new system, but developers came to grips with what the Switch could do and have since knocked it out of the park on multiple occasions.

One of those developers that’s been cranking out a multitude of Switch games is Koei Tecmo. From their own unique titles to collabs with Nintendo, Koei Tecmo has quite the library on Switch. Thanks to a new interview, we have some insight into how the company has handled their time with Switch.

In a chat with Nintendo Life, Koei Tecmo’s Ryu Michi opened up about working on the Switch. As you might have guessed, there have been some highs and lows for the company, but they continue to improve their work.

“As creators, we always end up thinking about what we can do when new features are implemented in hardware. The development process for the Nintendo Switch version[s] has been both easier and more difficult. To be honest, we often had a hard time dealing with how to deal with the simultaneous operation of the controller and touch panel. [laughs]”

[Ryu Michi, Director]

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