It’s time to get hot and bothered (in more ways than one). Southeast Asian indie game publisher Neon Doctrine has announced that the highly anticipated “Irresistible Incubus Update” for its sultry demonic creature collector My Lovely Wife is now available.

In honor of Pride Month, it’s time to unlock the shackles of heteronormativity and say hello to some hellishly hot demon dudes.

My Lovely Wife is a dating, management, and alchemy simulator that delves into the depths of a man’s grief after the sudden death of his beloved wife. Granted the knowledge to summon dozens of succubi and the option to sacrifice them to create a vessel for his wife’s soul, mourning protagonist Jake sets out on a quest to do anything for love (or maybe learn the importance of letting go instead).

In My Lovely Wife’s Irresistible Incubus Update, Jake, former wife guy, goes down a different path than previously traveled. The same gothic love story and murderous affairs that fans love remain, but now Jake has set his sights on hunky incubi. This chilling update introduces an array of spine-tingling scenarios and 20 tantalizing male-identifying demons who are as charming as they are monstrous. But as scary as they may be, they’re still looking for love.

With summoning knowledge in hand, players must utilize Jake’s demonic guests to help manage his business. Each demon has their own stats and skills which affect their ability to earn money and resources. As players develop Jake’s skills and those of his scary assistants, new resources become available that, when combined, allow for the summoning of new demons. Jake can additionally court a demon so that they fall in love with him. Players then must confront the sadistic choice: allow Jake to move on following his wife’s death or sacrifice his new love interest(s) to acquire the essence needed to resurrect his wife…

For fans looking to jump back into My Lovely Wife, or newcomers interested in experiencing its macabre tale of love and loss, the Irresistible Incubus Update allows players to choose from either female-identifying succubi or male-identifying incubi within the game’s main menu. All pre-existing succubi now have an incubus counterpart and all related sprites, text, cutscenes, and audio within the game change to reflect this alternative take on My Lovely Wife’s story.

Neon Doctrine and developers GameChanger Studio and Toge Productions invite players to dive into this cult title, updated to be more inclusive and give players the option to face its comedically haunting and gripping narrative how they chose. With over forty endings — one for each succubi or incubi counterpart — My Lovely Wife delivers on all fronts.

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