Get ready for team strategies and all-out action! Inspired by Nintendo Land’s engaging asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay, A Good Day modernizes the genre and brings it online on Switch. Play as a team to defeat a formidable opponent or feel the thrill of defeating a whole team by yourself. A Good Day is self-published and will release Q3 2023.

As a Teen looking for adventure, team up with up to 7 like-minded youngsters to seek fortune. As Mr or Mrs Crosby, you will be alone to defend your quiet way of life. Don’t be afraid to use your strength and all the tools at your disposal to protect your goods.

Two completely different experiences await. As a thief, work with your team to loot valuable fruit from the neighboring garden through strategy, planning, and precise execution. In A Good Day, cooperation is key to success and you will need to make smart decisions in order to avoid getting caught. As the garden owner, prevent pilferage of prized possessions through vigilance, quick thinking, and tactical use of your clumsy hound dogs. If all else fails, take matters into your own hands and hit the intruders with melee attacks!

With seamless cross-platform connectivity and easy-to-grasp rules, the game allows players to quickly get into the action. Express your own playstyle with or against your friends. Each session guarantees fresh challenges and intense action.

Inspired by the renowned filmmaker Tim Burton, the visuals of A Good Day combine a dark and twisted atmosphere with vibrant and colorful visuals, creating a truly one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Players will experience a world unlike any other, filled with strange and intriguing characters and locations that are sure to leave a lasting impression.


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