Demolish & Build 3 bumped to Q1 2024 on Switch

Still knocking out a release date

19 June 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Demolish & Build 3, a physics-based simulator centering on a construction and demolition, was announced for Switch earlier this year. The original plan was to bring the game out in 2023, but now the title has been pushed to sometime in Q1 2024. The game also got a demo on Steam today, which launched alongside a fresh trailer. While we might not have the demo on Switch, we can still enjoy the new gameplay in the video above.

This realistic simulator places you as the head of a demolition company, where you’ll carry out both demolition and construction work around different buildings, as well as managing and expanding the company. Get ready to take control of a good old hammer, excavators, and large cranes along the way.

Demolish & Build 3 uses a unique demolition system where every fragment is composed of a specific material with its own parameter, with objects physically connected to each other. This leads to a demolition process that should be as close to real life as possible.

With randomly generated missions and multiple locations, Demolish & Build 3 should keep you busy for quite some time. We’ll bring you word on a more specific Switch release date in the near future.


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