A new wave of information has been shared on Natsu-Mon! 20th Century Summer Vacation. This time we get to learn about the detective agency, fireworks, and museum. You can see the complete breakdown below, courtesy of Gematsu.

■ Investigate Incidents with the Local Children of the Bugle Woods Detective Agency

The “Bugle Woods Detective Agency” can be found attached to the “Shibuya Shoten” shop in front of the station. Here, you can enjoy stories in which you investigate the mysteries and incidents of Yomogi with the local children. For example, one case involves the fence behind a shrine breaking, and the pig cherished by the shrine priest escaping. To find out who did it, the kids go to the scene of the incident and interview those involved.

—Originally opened for children, the “Summer Vacation Independent Research Research Institute” eventually became a detective agency run by the children.

■ Head of the Summer Vacation Independent Research Research Institute

Dr. Shibuya (voiced by Yukiko Motoyoshi)

Head of the Summer Vacation Independent Research Research Institute and Shibuya Shoten shopkeeper.

■ Members of the Summer Vacation Independent Research Research Institute

Jiro (voiced by Ikue Ootani)

  • Yousuke’s sidekick. He loves reading books.

Yousuke (voiced by Touru Nara)

  • The leader. He loves detective work.

Hideko (voiced by Yui Ogura)

  • She loves the Japanese language and memorizes new proverbs every day.

■ Summertime is Festival Time! Help the Fireworks Dealer Light It Up!

A summer festival is held in mid-August in Yomogi. Participate in a Bon Festival dance with everyone, go around the town with a portable shrine, and enjoy circus performances and fireworks shows. And at stalls, you can play mini-games such as target shooting and smat ball. Achieve the high score and you may even get a prize.

The fireworks dealer also resides in Yomogi. He is worried about the new fireworks they are working on, and is looking for opinions from a spectator point of view. To help him out, you can come up with a program for the fireworks show, watch a launch test, then give him your thoughts.

■ Help the Museum Gather Things to Exhibit

On the outskirts of Yomogi is the municipal museum. In order to attract more visitors, the museum director is planning a special exhibition of rare insects and fish. You can donate the rare creatures you discover while exploring Yomogi to the museum to help complete the special exhibition.

In addition to rare insects and fish, you can also donate fossils to the museum for exhibition purposes. When you come across an unusual hole, dig it up and bring what you find to the director for appraisal. Other than fossils, there are plenty of earthworks or junk to dig up, but they can also be used for other purposes such as fishing bait.

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