Is there a Nintendo Direct around the corner? Nothing official has been said, but the rumors are certainly swirling. It seems there’s a lot of smoke building, and that usually leads to fire, but only time will tell in this case.

Causing a lot of speculation this time is a tweet from insider Pyoro_ND. This particular Twitter account has leaked the existence of quite a few projects in the past, revealing Sonic Superstars and Everybody 1-2-Switch!, and also confirming new Samba de Amigo and Armored Core titles right before they were announced.

This time around, Pyoro_ND has said that Nintendo is working a brand-new 2D Mario game for the Switch, along with a remake from the Super Nintendo era. The chatter surrounding a new 2D Mario has been going for quite some time now, but with Pyoro_ND checking it, the rumor seems more than likely. As for the SNES game remake, there are a variety of titles being thrown out there, with Super Mario RPG and Chrono Trigger sitting near the top.

Again, this is nothing but rumor and speculation at this point. We’ll just have to keep fingers crossed for a Nintendo Direct in the near future, and then we’ll see if these rumors end up being true!

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1y ago

A Super Mario RPG remake would be fantastic. Chrono Trigger, too! Both original games are suspiciously absent from the Switch.


1y ago

If those two games are true it would certainly warrant that surprised Mario image.

That being said, Pyoro_ND, I'd prefer you weren't leaking game announcements. You're doing me no favors.


1y ago

Hope it happens. would be fun.


1y ago

I think I would legit cry if they ever announced a Mario RPG remake. Not just because it's one of my favorite games of all time, but because the odds of it happening are so astronomically low that I'd have trouble processing it.


1y ago

Interesting.. a new 2d Mario game? It would be revolutionary if Nin took the guts to spend the necessary resources to create a true pixel art Mario successor. A game that goes in depth with originality beyond Odyssey and Galaxies.


1y ago


Square loves remaking games. They just have to convince Nintendo it’s a good idea.


1y ago

Quick reminder that FE4 Genealogy of the Holy War is an SNES game and has been rumored to be getting a remake for a while now. So don't be surprised if that's the game being hinted at.


1y ago

Have a feeling that SNES Remake is the long rumored Geaneology of the Holy War Remake that was rumored all the way back when Engage was leaked.

If not that then I could see MecurySteam remaking Super Metroid (as they originally wanted to do) or Super Mario RPG using the HD 2D engine. Simply for the fact that it's odd the game has still yet to hit NSO.


1y ago

It would be cool if the Super Nintendo era game was a remake of Star Fox seeing as it's its 30th anniversary this year.


1y ago

My guess is A Link to the Past remake by Grezzo. It just makes sense to me. Grezzo remade Link's Awakening which would be a perfect fit for ALTTP. They also haven't released anything new since then and it's been 4 years. They've also been having Grezzo remake all the other Zelda games over the past 10 years

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1y ago

A "New" Super Mario game or a new series? Hopefully something different!


12M ago

glad I didnt read this before I saw the Direct...