In case you weren’t aware, McDonald’s teamed up with developers Gumpy Function to release a new Gameboy Color styled game starring Grimace in celebration of his birthday. You can play the game here in a browser or even download the ROM to play on GameBoy emulators or, theoretically, official hardware!

GameXplain have posted an exclusive interview with Tom Lockwood, Game and Level Designer of Grimace’s Birthday, which you can watch above.

Mr. Lockwood reveals interesting details on the game’s development including it being inspired by classic titles like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or the Kirby series and the game being developed in a 7-week period. Stay tuned to the end and you may find out what Mr. Lockwood’s McDonald’s order is.

Mr. Lockwood also discusses some of his other projects, so if you enjoyed seeing their work on Grimace hopefully you can consider supporting their other endeavors.

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