Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo Direct presentation set to air live on June 21st, 2023 at 7AM PST. It will be roughly 40 minutes in length and focuses “mostly” on information regarding Nintendo Switch games launching in 2023, including new details on Pikmin 4.


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11M ago

It's gonna end with Mario and everyone's gonna be mad.


11M ago


No it's gonna end with TOTK DLC. Just to continue the streak of the past 5 Nintendo Directs ending with TOTK.


11M ago

Now I'm even madder at the person who leaked game announcements yesterday (if they're true). We'd have only been waiting for two days to hear the announcement, and the impact of that announcement will be entirely dulled.

Well Pyoro_ND, I hope you enjoyed feeling like a "cool dude" for two days.


11M ago

Oh no! I just spoiled myself the surprises!


11M ago

Astral Chain 2 announcement!!! Come ooon! Anything Platinum is fine of course. How long have they been working on that last Hero game anyway?
I'm still *"high" from Bayonetta Origins.

Oh and leaks and rumours galore.

Anyhoot. This non-E3 E3 was OK at best, so maybe this can spice things a bit up =)


11M ago

Not getting my hopes up tbh.
I'm kinda Zelda, FE and Pokémon fatigued so only Metroid, Mario and Donkey Kong could safe the day.