Gearbox Publishing and independent video game developer Andrew Morrish, today announced Unidentified Falling Objects (UFO), a puzzle-platformer title that drops players directly into the puzzle board to dodge falling obstacles, set up combos, and blast blocks to survive as long as possible and achieve a high score.

Play through a variety of stages in the game’s single player campaign or jump into local multiplayer for heated one versus one battles, or head online and compete against up to 19 other players. UFO will be released on the Nintendo Switch eShop on July 18th.

UFO has players exploring multiple worlds through the game’s single player mode and meeting a colorful cast of characters who are ready to put their puzzle solving skills to the test with unique challenges that will keep even the most puzzle-hardened players on their toes. Players can customize their loadout with unique weapons, movement styles, and kicks, allowing for multiple play styles that best suit the puzzle challenge and player’s preferred play style. All of this is wrapped in quirky and colorful retro style graphics and an energizing synthwave soundtrack.


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