Apex Legends has been updated to Ver. 2.26. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Balance Updates

Weapon Crafting Rotation

  • R-99 enters the crafter
  • Rampage LMG enters the crafter
  • Alternator SMG returns to the floor
  • Sentinel returns to the floor

Evac Tower: reduced spawn rate to match Heat Shields

Mobile Respawn Beacon: slightly increased spawn rate

Weapon Updates

Nemesis Burst AR

  • Projectile Speed reduced
  • Projectile gravity increased


  • Increased base rate of fire
  • Increased white bolt rate of fire
  • Rate of fire with blue, purple, and gold bolts is unchanged

Legends Update


Passive: Heartbeat Sensor

  • Range Reduced to 50m ( was 75m )
  • Initial Heartbeat delay significantly reduced

Tactical: Focus of Attention

  • Range Reduced to 60m ( was 75m )
  • Firing Speed Increased ( ~30% faster )
  • Removed Heal Cancel
  • Removed Revive Cancel
  • Removed Respawn Beacon Interaction Interrupt
  • Scan Time Reduced to 2.5s ( was 8s )
  • Scan once again includes a full body highlight
  • Enemies hit by Focus of Attention are now Slowed for 2.5s
  • Silence Time Increased to 10s ( was 1.75 )
  • Enemies who are silenced by Seer are now also highlighted with a threat outline to Seer and his teammates but only when they have line of sight

Ultimate: Exhibit

  • Throw Range Reduced to ~15m ( was ~50m )
  • Removed Diamond Scan Markers on Enemy Movement
  • Exhibit will now only show the footsteps of players moving in the zone
  • Diamond Markers will now ONLY appear with enemy gunfire for 1.25s

Quality of Life

Firing Range

  • Customize Range menu additions
  • New option to switch to 3rd person
  • New option to show a general-purpose timer
  • New options to match dummy helmet levels to shield levels.

General dummies and collision updates

  • Spawning distancing and frequency improvements

Firing Range target redesign

  • Added more hotlinks to how to gain weapon mastery XP to the overview tab and the end of game weapons tab
  • Audio engine stability improvements
  • Bloodhound Trials: updated loot on World’s Edge to now dispense Smart Loot for the active team in the Trials at the end of each challenge round
  • Newcastle: now destroys Jump Pads and Crypto Drones on Castle Wall Impact like other placeable objects
  • Extended Supply (Support) Bins have a higher chance to give an MRB to Support legends who have dead teammates, banners are not required for higher chance

Legends Menu

  • Added new Legend Bios tab
  • Removed the classes subtabs

Bug Fixes

  • [CAR] correct active ammo now shows in the inventory when infinite ammo is active
  • Fixed “are you sure you want to leave” prompt in states that were not applicable (ex. squad wipes)
  • Fixed tops of buildings not registering as out of bounds on World’s Edge
  • Fixed Ballistic’s Tempest VFX staying on while cloaked or phase shifted
  • Fixed Ballistic’s sling weapon icon not updating for spectators
  • Fixed death recap appearing blank if you were dead or died when the game ended
  • Fixed “decoy destroyed” message not displaying when destroying a decoy with Newcastle’s Castle Wall
  • Fixed Extended Supply Bin logic to address MRBs not awarding to players with dead teammates and MRBs are in ground loot
  • Fixed invisible optic on a primary weapon after swapping it with the sling weapon
  • Fixed MRB icon being squished in Control on ultrawide monitors
  • Fixed occasional client crash when exiting an IMC armory
  • Fixed occasional crash when changing legends while emoting as Ballistic in firing range
  • Fixed pinging Icarus Bridge on Olympus while holding a vault key displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed pinging weapon icons on the map and minimap being squished
  • Fixed teams being unable to craft banners if the support legend on the team leaves
  • Replicator: players should no longer get stuck when crafting
  • Weapon Mastery: badge preview now correctly updates after earning the first one
  • Volume sliders now increase/decrease correctly when using controller


  • Fixed certain movement sounds taking priority over footsteps
  • Fixed hearing Ballistic’s tactical sound effect in other firing ranges
  • Fixed incorrect sound effect when Ballistic hits a teammate with Whistler
  • Fixed more issues with server audio dropouts
  • Fixed players emitting falling audio after dying



  • Backpack no longer stays open when downed while Tempest is active
  • Fixed an exploit where players could get a weapon with attachments into Sling
  • Now auto-cycles to his sling weapon when other weapons run out of ammo
  • Tactical lock-on effect no longer stays if downed while locked on
  • Tactical lock-on effect no longer stays if hit by Seer’s tactical while locked on

  • Lifeline: fixed Shinobi Surgeon skin textures
  • Newcastle: fixed inconsistencies on landing with Castle Wall
  • Rampart
  • Nemesis voiceline no longer plays every time the gun is picked up
  • Placed Sheila turrets no longer keep the fast reloads from Ballistic’s Tempest


  • Dummies not scanning in the firing range while skydiving
  • Heartbeat Harmonizer skin no longer blocks ADS with Prowler + 1x Holo
  • Improvements to Skyward Launch avoiding obstacles that appeared above her after she had already started launching


  • Fixed fences occasionally being invisible through doors
  • Solar Static skin is no longer extra toothy

Wraith: Into the Void no longer prevents skydive from Evac Towers

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