DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS has been updated Ver. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Fixed Content

  • Fixed an issue where, when changing the camera angle right before firing the Ki Wave from the “Father-Son Kamehameha” Super Attack near a wall, the Survivor would end up facing a different direction from the fired Ki Wave.
  • Fixed an issue where the background would sometimes turn completely black when using the “Father-Son Kamehameha” Super Attack near a wall.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to evade underwater with the “Fortuneteller Baba” Survivor Skin.
  • Fixed an issue on the new map “Snowy Mountain” where Dragon Balls in a destroyed area would not reappear in certain areas.
  • Fixed various other minor bugs and issues.

Currently Ongoing In-Game Errors/Adjustments Planned for Future Updates

  • An issue where, in certain situations, the animation of Super Attacks will be skipped and the targeting cursor will move in a way that was not originally intended.
  • An issue where, when a Survivor uses the Instant Transmission active skill, Raiders can still hit the Survivor when they should be out of range if said Raider uses certain skills at a particular time.
  • An issue where Raiders can still hit a Survivor using the Instant Transmission active skill with a properly timed vanish move and follow them to their new location.
  • An issue where the game would lock when attempting to start an online match with “—-” or “Battle Suit 1” selected as a costume with the “Vegeta (Super Saiyan)” Transphere, as those costumes cannot be equipped with that Transphere.
  • An issue in which the “Landing Delay Nullification” skill unintentionally causes actions other than running to speed up.
  • An issue where the Raider role cannot be selected on the ROLE SELECT screen.

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