The latest issue of Famitsu included a tease for an upcoming feature on Ys X: Nordics. Issue 1803 is going to include a sizable article on the game, but ahead of that coverage, Famitsu also shared a handful of other details.

The new info shared relates to the main villains of Ys X: Nordics, the Griegers. You can see a breakdown of all the details covered below.

  • the Griegers are a seafaring group obsessed with achieving immortality
  • a new character progression system will appear called the “Release Line”
  • there will be two skill systems, with each belonging to Adol and Karja
  • three Grieger characters are Yoruzu (or Yorz,) Raagu (Laag,) and Oruzu (Orz)
  • Oruzu is a large character wearing an eyepatch and wielding a giant gauntlet
  • Yoruzu is a character of slim build, and they wield floating sickles
  • Raagu is seen not wielding any weapon

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