Picture this. You’re out on a walk and you spot a case on the ground. You pick it up and take a peek inside to find a Switch, a gift card, and a bunch of Switch games. What would you do? I’d imagine you would try to find the owner and get it back to them, but unfortunately, there are plenty of people who’d take the “finders keepers” route. That’s not the case with 14-year-old Stockton Hull and 15-year-old Gabriel Kadrovach.

Hull and Kadrovach were walking home when they spotted the Switch case on the ground. Hull picked it up and looked inside, obviously surprised by what he found. The two boys had a chat, and Kadrovach told Hull the right thing to do was to bring it up to the front door of the house where the Switch was found. Hull rang the doorbell, but with no one answering, he decided to leave the Switch in the house’s mailbox.

Turns out the owner of the house was indeed the owner of the Switch as well. 19-year-old Lexus Spanick was carrying a bunch of bags on the way out of her house, Switch included. She accidentally dropped the Switch case while walking through her front yard, and had no idea it slipped out of her grip. If Hull and Kadrovach hadn’t retured it, Lexus would have no idea where to even begin looking for it.

The Switch, the gift card, and all of the games were valued at over $600. It also turns out that Lexus and her fiancé split the cost of the Switch, so two people would have been out of all the gaming fun. Thankfully, Hull and Kadrovach made the right decision and got the Switch back to its owner.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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2y ago

Fair play to them for being so honest, there's many a person who wouldn't be. It would be nice if a retailer or Nintendo followed up on this by giving the young lads a Switch each as a reward.